Black & White World

by Salar Rajabnik

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Produced By: Salar Rajabnik
Engineered By: David Wright at Cherrybox Studios & RCA Studio B in Nashville, Tennessee
Mixed By: David Wright
Mastered By: Joshua Stuebe
Art Direction & Design: Kristøpher Martin of Arcane Path
Photography: Samon Rajabnik
Vocals, Electric, Acoustic, Baritone & 12 String Guitars, Piano, Drums & Percussion: Salar Rajabnik
Bass Guitar: Ben Garner
Keyboards, Organ, Piano & Percussion: Johnny Gentile
Fender Rhodes on “I Don’t Want To Wake Up”: Warren Pash
Additional Background Vocals: Leah Korbin

Special thanks to Noam Chomsky for graciously allowing use of his words in “Black & White World.”

Black & White World is dedicated to those with the courage to speak truth to power.

All Songs Written & Arranged By: Salar Rajabnik / BMI / 2017


released June 9, 2017

After years in demand as a sideman as well as fronting rock & roll band Moon Age, singer-songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Salar Rajabnik will release his debut solo album, “Black & White World” on June 09, 2017 on all digital formats, CD, cassette & limited vinyl release via Fonoflo Records.

Written & recorded over the span of the last 5 years, the songs chosen for Black & White World all hold a deeply personal & emotive meaning for Salar. Much of the material was written amidst political & personal distress, but the album’s tone is one of resolute hope in the midst of bleak circumstances. The songs range in tone from Cheap Trick-esque high energy power pop (as in the first single, Ain’t Got No Time), to tongue-in-cheek commentary on social & political apathy (A To Z), to sweet & yearning ballads (In A Little While).

The album’s emotional apex is evident in the title track, a sort of personal & social statement with political & emotional themes being simultaneously addressed as Salar declares “I don’t want to live in a black & white world…” amidst a swelling fade of lush instrumentation & a spoken word excerpt personally authorized by Noam Chomsky himself.

The themes addressed in the initial writing process have become more timely than ever as the bleak nature of the current social & political landscape sees many artists expressing themselves in ways that seem to reflect the worry & hope of so many today.



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Salar Rajabnik Los Angeles, California

Debut album, "Black & White World" out digitally, on CD & tape now.

Vinyl available via Fonoflo Records.

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Track Name: Ain't Got No Time
Yeah i’m feeling just a little bit older
I start thinking when i’m drinking my wine
Yeah I don’t have near as much patience
As I did when I was feeling so fine

Cause the years just keep on going by faster
So do the months & the days
Yeah I’m even feeling sore when I wake up
Babe you can see the lines on my face

And I know I ain’t gonna get any younger
So girl we better pick up the pace
Cause the clock is ticking & I ain’t kidding
We can’t let our love go to waste

Ain’t got no time
To play your game
Girl if you don’t like it that’s a crying shame
Either way it makes no difference to me
I’ll be going down the road babe
Either way

Yeah lately i’ve been feeling so anxious
Even when i’m trying to sleep
I’ve been tossing & i’ve been turning gritting my teeth
I’ve been waking up from such bad dreams

And i’m trying so hard to feel better
Have a smoke & pour myself a drink
But all that ends up happening is more of the same
“What a drag, man”, I start to think

I ain’t asking for things to be perfect
Cause a nod is as good as a wink
All I want is for things to be OK
Yeah i don’t want my ship to sink

Are you listening to what i’m saying?
I ain’t waiting around all day
She ain’t singing the song that i’m singing
She’s gonna pitch a fit til she gets her way
Track Name: Last Girl On Earth
She woke up in the back of a car
On the side of the interstate
Just glad she lived to see another day
She’s resting in the hands of fate

Checked to see if she had everything
That was there the day before
There’s raiders on the road these days
And you never can be too sure

And she just don’t know
What to do or where to go
Everything just hurts
Cause she knows she might be
The very last girl on earth

She barely remembers the time
When everything was just alright
She used to have the sweetest dreams
When she laid down her head at night

Before the plague of locusts came
And the rivers all turned to blood
All of her worst dreams came true
And she’s praying for another flood

And she knows
She might be the last girl on earth
Track Name: In A Little While
All by herself in a little old house in the trees
No one around & she listens to the breeze
It whispers her name & it blows through the leaves
Through the windows like a melody

The kettle is boiling in the kitchen on the fire
She just can’t sleep even though she’s so tired
The wind & the whistle sing together like a choir
She can’t stop thinking of the one
That she used to desire

It’ll be much easier baby
When the water turns to wine
Yeah you’ll feel much better honey
In a little while

If she’d known better things wouldn’t be so bleak
But when you’re young & you’re in love
You don’t realize you’re weak
So then you start to get older
And people break your heart
And if it keeps on beating that’s the hardest part
Track Name: A To Z
I’ve been walking after midnight
I’ve been thinking bout the world
And the way that things are going
All the banners of war have unfurled

When I think of all the people
Who live across the sea
I feel the same sorrow, I worry just as much
For the ones who live next to me

And their fingers on the trigger
Of the gun in the hand of the cadet
Who’s taking his orders from aristocratic lords
Who’ve imprisoned him in his own debt

And he’s just like all the other people in this world
They deny there’s no c, just a or b
But they know damn well, just like you & I
That it goes all the way to z
Track Name: Sparrow In The Wind
Woke up with you in my mind again
Thinking about all the places we had been
All the things that we used to do
And how much time I spent with you my love

Fell asleep with you on my mind again
Had a dream that we could still be friends
At least i’d get to see your smile
And talk with you for a little while my love

My sparrow in the wind
This broken heart won’t mend
And you flew away again
My sparrow in the wind

I still like to hold on to my dream
That you’ll come around no matter how bad it seems
But in my heart & in my mind
I know it won’t happen & i’ve been so blind for you
I don’t know what to do
Track Name: Middle Man
I don’t know how I got here baby
I just ended up on the scene
No recollection of nothing
It all feels like some kind of dream

If I stand outside myself
Looking in at where I stand
I start to see things clearer honey
I can see just where I am

I’m the middle man, I’m the line in the sand
I’m the in between, Yeah you know what I mean
I’m your tug of war, I’m your revolving door
I’m the food on your plate, I am love & hate

Baby you know who I am,
Baby you know who I am
I’m the middle man

When you pull this way
I’m going that way at the same time
Trying to juggle both gets me feeling
Like i’m working for nickels & dimes

I think it’s time to put my foot down
Make a stand for my own sake
Yeah if I don’t cut you off
I’ll keep giving & you’ll always take

Baby you know who I am,
Baby you know who I am
I’m your middle man
Track Name: Black & White World
I live in a black & white world
I always feel so all alone
Blue, red & yellow might as well disappear
All I see is monochrome

All the shadows are grey
And it’s raining every day
All the colors look the same
And nobody knows your name

I used to think that my life was blue
But the darkest blue is black
So i’ve been staring at the clouds in the sky
Now they seem much less abstract

I don’t want to live in a black & white world
I don't want to live in a black & white world
I don't want to live in a black & white world
I don't want to live in a black & white world
Track Name: I Don't Want To Wake Up
Some days I feel like I don’t want to wake up
Just keep on sleeping cause I’ve had enough
And I can’t take much more or I might lose my mind
Thinking about the love that I left behind

I’m so tired of waiting for the end
Trying to get out of this place i’m in
It doesn’t matter where you’ve been
We start dying when life begins

I feel time’s cold fingers wrap around my neck
When I think about the things that I used to expect
And I realize there’s nowhere I can go
Nothing’s gonna change no matter what I know

I always wonder if things will change
After all these years & all this pain
So I close my eyes & I hope for the best
Maybe one day I’ll get some rest